Debt Collection Software for Bank and NBFC - Collect Kart Title should be only

Collect Kart - An innovative phygital Debt Recovery platform by DoBoyz

From a long time, Banking & Financial Services companies needed a solution, which will reduce cost of debt collection, improve collection process efficiency, provide better monitoring and faster resolution. So DocBoyz took the initiative and based on extensive research, developed this fantastic payment collection platform.
    The unstructured data, poor management of communication, no centralized monitoring of communication and less logical decisions due unavailability of analytics, etc have been perennial problem of this sector. To overcome all these challenges and make payment collection easier & efficient- DB Collect Kart has been designed.

Collect Kart Debt Collection Software Features

Debt Collection software by collect Kart providing all loan collection process in a platform.
  • Customization based on the client's process
  • Agency onboarding & Real-Time Monitoring
  • Cloud-Based Predictive Calling
  • Dashboard & Mobile App
  • Pan-India FC & Agencies Network
  • Seamless Integration with Enterprise Suite/LMS/CRM
  • Effective automated settlement
  • Automated allocation of cases to the agency representatives
  • Automated triggering

Collect Kart Debt Collection Platform

A well-versed makes it unique and a pioneer among other payment collection platforms. Its process provides all the easiness and gives 360 freedom to worl seamlessly

1. Case Upload

The client uploads the collection case using the DocBoyz Portal or API

2. Predictive Calling

AI based platform assist call center agent for customer calling, call recording and payment followup.

3. Assign FC

Call center agent assigns the case to a Fintech Correspondant for a physical visist if customer is not responding or not reacheable.

4. Skip tracing

Our platform research on data using AI and predicate ML about defaulter and trace the defaulter.

5. Visit Customer

Our FC physically visits the customer for payment collection and help thems to understand consequences of payment default.

6. Customer pays

Payment is collected by the FC by CASH/CHEQUE/QR Code/UPI from the customer.

Collectkart multi-tenant architecture for BFSI

DocBoyz has created a multi tenant version of the DocBoyz platform. This is an aggregator of agencies working for a BFSI company. A BFSI company could onbaord on the DocBoyz multi tenant platform and invite all its agencies on to the platform.

This would ensure that all the agencies of the company use the same system (DocBoyz) to fulfil cases. All data and results received by the company would be from the same DocBoyz pipe. The agencies could take advantage of all features offered by the system. They can use the platform to do their work more effectively.

Docboyz Provide mutitenant platform to Bank and NBFC and othe BFSI

Features of Collect Kart Debt Collection Software

Collectkart provides Flexibility in relay of cases directly to an agency


To relay the cases directly to an agency

Collectkart provides Flexibility in controlling number of cases to an agency


Over number and type of cases done by the agencies

Collectkart is secured debt collection platform. All your data is secured with us


The entire process happens on the secure DocBoyz platform

Collectkart provides real-time access and result in debt collection platform

Realtime Results

Get the result real time as the case gets executed on the field

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Become a Client

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Agency Partner

Benefits of Debt Collection Software by Collect Kart

  • Improvement in the collection by 10x.
  • Swift action in each case.
  • AI technology-based effectual calling & supports performance tracking of agencies.
  • Hassle-free Reconcilation
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Ease in analysing data and helping in offering a customized resolution.
  • Better reach to borrowers
Benefits of using collect kart debt collection platform

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