Collect Kart Document Collection- an innovative phygital platform by DocBoyz

A Phygital platform designed for collection of documents and customer data. A multi-tenant architecture offer flexibility of endless expansion without any hassle. Helping BFSI companies in expanding pan-India operation on our Fintech correspondents/Agency Network.

Docboyz provides document collection services to banks and NBFCs
A document collection Platform for banks and NBFCs by Docboyz

Document Collection Services

DocBoyz provides best experience with speed in document collection for Banks & NBFCs. Our pan-India Fintech correspondent network is well trained to handle any financial document collection with full integrity and safety. They are courteous and equipped with our powerful DocBoyz collection app. All the documents are scanned and transmitted digitally in real time using our platform.


  • Home Loans Documents
  • Personal Loans Documents
  • Auto Loan Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Payment Mandate and Contact Document
Docboyz provides Document Collection Services for Home Loans, Personal Loans, Auto Loan, and Insurance Documents

DocBoyz Eco System

DocBoyz Platform - complete eco-system for Collection

Dashboard for Bank and NBFCs to track document collection in real-time

Customer Portal

Customers can track their cases real time using the customer portal

Docboyz App for Bank and NBFCs to track document collection in real-time

DocBoyz Mobile App

The mobile app is used by our Fintech Correspondents to seamlessly accept and digitally execute the case

Docboyz Admin console to let administration track document collection.

DocBoyz Admin Console

DocBoyz administrator checks the pulse of the entire system using the admin console.

Customer APIs for Bank and NBFC customers to integrate with the internal system.

Customer APIs

DocBoyz exposes APIs to customes to easily integrate with their internal system

Docboyz Website for Bank and NBFCs for document collection

Corporate Website

The mobile app is used by our Fintech Correspondents to seamlessly accept and digitally execute the case

DocBoyz Platform Features

Our cloud based platform and digitally enabled pan-India Fintech Correspondent Network.

Docboyz Document Collection platform provides Integration feature  for Bank and NBFCs

Self Intergrate API

Digital KYC

Docboyz Document Collection platform helps in Fraud detection for Bank and NBFCs

Fraud Detection

Data are encrypted in the Docboyz Document Collection platform.

Data Encryption

Docboyz Document Collection platform gives Real-Time Verification  for Bank and NBFCs

Real Time Verification

Geo Tagging

Docboyz Document Collection platform Provides 100% Data security.


Pickup Scheduling

Docboyz Document Collection platform Provides Logistic service with pickup scheduling option to banks and NBFC.

Transparent process

Docboyz Document Collection platform Provides fast service than other to banks and NBFC.


Docboyz Document Collection platform Provides Real-time tracking option of cases to banks and NBFC.

Real Time Tracking

Docboyz has a network pan India. Our FC is present in every corner of the country.

Pan-India Network

Easy to use and intuitive user interface

Which has been well adopted by FCs
Docboyz Document Collection app can be downloaded from google play
Docboyz app for bank, Nbfc, and FC.
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