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Docboyz is a Phygital platform designed for Document Collection

Docboyz- Document Collection

A Phygital platform designed for Document Collection. A multi-tenant and bank document collection architecture offers the flexibility of endless expansion without any hassle. Helping BFSI companies in expanding pan-India operations on our Fintech correspondents/Agency Network.

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Docboyz- Collect Kart

The Collect Kart - Debt collection software makes the experience of the debt recovery process easy and simple all along the loan collection process with our API. The Collect Kart Debt Recovery platform is designed for Banks and NBFCs to collect their overdue payment. We facilitate efficient debt recovery with the help of technology and human network. Our platform will help in adopting the new approach for debt collection, where the collection process is more consultative rather than forceful.

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Docboyz is a Phygital platform designed for Document Collection

Docboyz is now Present in your city

We are Present Pan-India. We are supported by a digitally enabled pan-India network of Fintech correspondents and the top debt collection agency in India


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Docboyz is now Present in your city.  Docboyz present in Pan-India

Delivering Seamless Fintech Logistic Services

Our fintech platform offer complete logistics solution for documents collection and debt collection online and offline. It is supported by digitally enables pan-India network of Fintech correspondent and Debt collection agencies in india.

Docboyz provides speedy logistic service


Docboyz provides 100% accuracy logistic service

100% Accuracy

Docboyz provides Real-Time updates in the logistic service

Real time update

Docboyz provides strict data security in the logistic service Platform

Data Security

Docboyz provides seamless integration in our logistic service

Seamless Integration

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