Easily Handle Recurring Payments With NACH Debit

Handle your recurring payments and schedule your premium payments easily using our e-Nach Service.
Our simple online process helps customers to keep track of individual premium payments. DocBoyz is well reputed in providing easier, cheaper, faster and safer paperless transaction between banks and customers. Our Nach platform provides simple dashboards, rest APIs and mobile SDKs for easy management of subscriptions, mandates, payments, and settlements. We help customers to create plans for variable amounts and ad-hoc payments. Our e-Nach and e-Mandates do not involve cheques, cash, and digital wallets.

General Features

API's & SDK's

Consistently integrable APIs and SDKs for realtime results


A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activity, enabled by the systematic organization.

Reports & Analytics

Point to point analytics for informed decision making and audit-ready reports.

Data Science/AI

AI calculations and algorithms for early fraud detection

Audit and Compliance

Processes consistent with government and industry models, and reports prepared for comprehensive audits


Invulnerable information security and complete lawful and statutory compliance.